Technical Information

Nancy Hulse Multimedia Performances About Violence Against Women

The following is a technical guide / requirements for the Nancy Hulse's shows:

"That Ain't no way to treat a lady" & A Rose by Any Other Name...

Nancy Hulse normally travels with all other necessary equipment, props and operator.

  • SPACE: Because of the interactive nature of the show, Ms. Hulse prefers NOT to perform on a stage. A lounge, or other large meeting room is best as it allows her to enter the audience at will and maintain a level of intimacy even with large groups. The actual performance space is modest and the technical setup is flexible enough to adapt to various room sizes and shapes. NOTE IMPORTANT Minimum ceiling height 9 feet. The most critical aspects of this setup involve the video projection and the ability of the audience to see the screen. It is also important that the room can be DARKENED as completely as possible.

  • AUDIO: The audio for the show is made up of pre-recorded music and voice. The show can be LOUD at times.

  • VIDEO: Video and Computer graphics are projected through an EIKI 350 LCD video projector onto an 8' wide "screen" made from prop elements. Projection distance is critical as the projector can only focus from a maximum distance of 25'. The projector is normally mounted with the lights on a stand, but in larger venues it can be separated from the lighting location.

  • LIGHTING: A variety of lighting instruments are used.

  • POWER: Nancy Hulse has tried to keep power requirements to a minimum in order for its shows to be performed in a variety of locations. A single 20-amp outlet has proved adequate although 2 separate 20-amp outlets are ideal. Please be aware that coffee pots draw ALOT of power - brewing needs to be restricted to before or after the show if the same room circuits are used. It is also helpful if someone in attendance knows where the circuit breakers are.

  • PERFORMANCE TIME AND LOAD-IN: The Actual show time lasts about 1 hour. Time should be allowed for discussion. Set-up time requires a minimum of 2 - 3 hours prior to performance including a brief sound and lighting check. Extra time should be allowed for loading into the building and room if necessary. Break down can be accomplished in about 1 hour. Assistance in loading and unloading is always appreciated.

  • PARKING: Nancy Hulse usually travels in a small van or truck. Arrangements should be made to allow for load-in as close to the building as possible (loading dock or permission to drive in restricted vehicle areas) This load-in time needs to be arranged for a minimum of 1 hour before and after the show. If at all possible it is preferred that the van stay in this space for the duration of the show (5hr) as it also serves as technical storage. If it must be moved, please try to supply a secure area as close to the building as possible. Also add some extra set-up time (1/2 hr) to allow for the moving)




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